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The availability of transportation, diet, exercise, sleep, friends and meaningful paid or volunteer activities contribute to overall health and wellness, including mental illness recovery.

CFI’s community partners enable us to fulfill our mission as well as inspire opportunities for learning, self sufficiency and wellness for individuals living with mental illnesses.  

Together, we add depth and breadth to our community impact. 

Coming together is a beginning
​keeping together is progress, and working together is success.

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Key Community Friendship, Inc. partnerships and collaborations include:

Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD)
DBHDD provides treatment and support services to people with behavioral health challenges and addictive diseases, and assists individuals who live with developmental disabilities. Our agency’s mission is to provide high-quality health care opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities or behavioral health challenges close to their homes, so they can live a life of independence and recovery and create a sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient life in their community. Read more...
Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA)
GVRA provides services to help eligible persons with disabilities prepare for, start and maintain competitive employment, thus becoming productive and independent citizens in their communities. VR has 12 regional offices statewide as well as more than 35 local offices with expert teams who work in the community and have in-depth knowledge of both the marketplace and the support services available. Read more...
The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network
The Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network isa non-profit corporation founded in 1991 by consumers of state services for mental health, developmental disabilities, and addictive diseases. It hosts one of the largest statewide annual consumer conventions in the nation. Its mission is to promote recovery through advocacy, education, employment, empowerment, peer support and self-help, and to unite as one voice to support the priorities set each year at its annual convention. Read more...
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA)
PRA is a nonprofit organization focused on growing and training the recovery workforce, the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA), is the preeminent association for the development, support, and dissemination of information about the practice of psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery. PRA believes that the practice of psychiatric rehabilitation leads to recovery, and thus is committed to the growth of psychiatric rehabilitation in both quantity and quality, and to the universal availability of state-of-the-art psychiatric rehabilitation services for all individuals with mental illness who seek such services. Read more...

Our partnerships and collaborations provide the capacity to achieve what may not otherwise be achieved and are created by parties believing that they can better achieve their goals by working together to deliver better mental health outcomes for the communities we serve. Our theory, practice and research are linked as are opportunities for innovative strategic projects, access to alternative funding programs, and enhanced capacity.

Community Friendship, Inc.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Community Friendship, Inc. places great emphasis on strategic, mission-focused, cross sector partnerships. We believe that challenges can be better addressed when the entire community aligns their interests and pools their varied resources, including know-how, networks and brand, working together to achieve common goals