About Community Friendship Incorporated (CFI)

Former President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter and others during the 1970 building dedication of CFI's headquarters.

Former President Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter and others during the 1970 building dedication of CFI's headquarters.

Focusing on recovery rather than treatment, Community Friendship, Inc. strives to create a recovery environment that:.

  • Challenges individuals with mental illnesses to expand and exceed personal expectations and erase stigma.
  • Respects and affirms each person's individuality, choices, boundaries, responsibilities, personal desires and strengths.
  • Promotes feelings of importance, usefulness, pride and self respect.
  • Builds hope through optimism, friendliness, care and respect.
  • Promotes collaborative relationships with other providers, consumer and family groups as well as agencies to ensure constant improvement of CFIs organizational performance.
  • Teaches and supports consumers to contribute to the larger community.
  • Reaches out to others in the community through education and outreach.
  • Takes risks, nurtures and tries innovative ideas to be on the leading edge of creative and effective services.

​Most people diagnosed with a serious mental illness can experience relief from their symptoms by actively participating in an individual treatment plan.


We believe gaining knowledge through education and experience is an empowering process, allowing people to grow, learn and make informed life decisions.
We believe in high ethical standards that promote fiscal responsibility and services that reflect standards of excellence.


We believe in working with the whole person, mind, body and spirit, not just their illness.

Holistic Approach

We believe consumers have the right to make decisions about the direction of their life and recovery process.


We believe all people have the ability to grow and reach their full potential.


We believe in unconditional positive regard for each person as a human being.
Full access to community life through achievement of one’s potential and removal of barriers.

Our Values


Our Vision

Our mission is to provide a supportive community for people whose mental illness prevents them from participating in community life, employment and relationships. CFI has developed programs and services that are central to mission success and has achieved a consistent level of desired results for those being served. We have also developed an organizational infrastructure necessary for supporting core programs. We are achieving our mission impact through programmatic offerings and organizational leadership as evident in our strategic partnerships, advocacy efforts, and collaborations.

Our Mission

Our History

CFI is a nonprofit comprehensive provider of recovery-based mental health services serving adults in metropolitan Atlanta. Originating in 1962 as a drop-in social center for adults with chronic mental illnesses, CFI incorporated in 1970, and has grown to offer a comprehensive array of services in the psychiatric rehabilitation approach.  CFI provides services, which promote recovery and assist consumers in establishing and maintaining productive lives in the community.  For over 50 years, Community Friendship, Inc. (CFI) has been committed to supporting an individual’s recovery from mental illness so that each person can lead a contributing, integrated, and self-directed life.

Community Friendship, Inc. (CFI) is a non profit psychiatric rehabilitation organization that ensures a supportive community for adults with long-term psychiatric disabilities so that they can develop living, learning, working and social skills and access the resources needed to lead successful and satisfying lives.